Chad Raines’ synthpunk behemoth The Simple Pleasure has had many live iterations over the years, utilizing the talents of the versatile artists in his sphere as an ever-evolving roster to blast forth his subversively pop compositions. Already an acrobatic frontman on guitar and vocals leading his army of beats and synths, most recently he has joined forces with artist Admiral Grey (Cellular Chaos, Glass Lamborghini) on bass and supporting vocals to create a tight live power duo whose ecstatic and sweaty live performances aggressively finesse their way into your pants with a sound and energy that lies where the lines of Prince and The Cramps intersect.  

“Influenced by the bands of the 1970s and 1980s, The Simple Pleasure is utterly refreshing: vocalist Chad Raines, who has gained somewhat of a cult following in New Haven, is a real live wire, a dizzying, enthralling mix of David Byrne, Glenn Danzig, the Scissor Sisters, and John Cale with the physical acrobatics of Vitaly Scherbo thrown in.”

– The New Haven Independent